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Will: 9 Powerful Ways to Unleash your Inner Genie

Your wish is my command Willpower, willfulness, willingly, the willies, the last will and trust-- the word "will" is full of character, both dark and light, but always strong.  It is rooted in Latin, also Old English and Old Germanic meaning "to wish" and Slavonic "to command."  Will rises from the emotional body tempered with intellect, clarity, focus and direction.  It contains purpose and fire, both drivers of directional energy. This force resides in the navel chakra, the powerful seat of our will. 
Will can be expressed as both personal and Divine.  Of the two, personal, or egoic strivings are temporal, limited and relatively weak. Personal will is sticking to a new routine, one prepared and organized in the mind likely for your perceived good, without the consent of the emotional body, or without it feeling good.  Judge Thomas Troward (1847-1916), founding philosopher of Mental Science, put it thus, that once the compelling force is exhausted (the …

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