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Self -confidence: 7 ways to instill great confidence in children

We are powerful beyond measureOur deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. Marianne Williamson Raising children in a changing world has always been part of our human existence; yet, it truly does feel that now, the world is changing very rapidly: the explosion of technological advances is astounding alone, not to mention raising children amidst drastic climatic and environmental shifts in the age of pandemics. Archaeological evidence shows that in centuries past, cultures remained static and stable for thousands of years, punctuated only by dramatic environmental change or outside invasion that then resulted in rapid shifts until equilibrium was regained.  Those punctuations in the human timeline, although from our standpoint looked short, could in fact last multiple generations.  We are in such a time right now. Culture is shifting rapidly to find a new equilibrium and with globalization, cultural differences are disintegrating and just as in days of old, we are at the p…

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